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United Kingdom


ERM commissioned Offshore Design Engineering Limited (ODE) with the development of Dolphyn's conceptual design and Front-End Engineering Design (FEED).


As part of the UK Governments "Hydrogen Supply Programme" funded by the BEIS Energy Innovation Programme, Environmental Resources Management (ERM) Ltd have developed a concept design (Dolphyn - Deepwater Offshore Local Production of Hydrogen) for the production of a large scale 'green' hydrogen from offshore floating wind. The Dolphyn concept employs a modular design, integrating electrolysis and a wind turbine (nominally 10 MW) on a moored floating sub-structure to produce hydrogen from seawater using wind power as the energy source.

Our Role/Contribution

ODE's work for Dolphyn concentrates on process equipment, the electrical design and overall technical safety. ODE commissioned OGC Energy to complete a materials selection assessment for piping and equipment based on the risk criteria of the project, including; seawater, brines, hydrogen service. external corrosion and UV degradation. OGC Energy supported ERM and ODE with the materials selection, the work by OGC Energy will allow Dolphyn to be the first floating green hydrogen project.

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