Case Study

Geothermal Operator in Iceland






An energy operator with geothermal assets required technical support to re-enter abandoned geothermal wells and use them for CO₂ Capture. The operator also required metallurgy expertise to select materials for new geothermal wells in magmatic intrusions.

OGC Energy Contribution

OGC Energy provided technical support for the re-injection on CO₂ and H₂S. The project scope included the identification and evaluation of corrosion risks, the use of a risk-based approach to quantify the probability of each risk and the estimation of remaining life based on residual risk.

OGC Energy also helped the operator to identify and evaluate the corrosion risks associated with production of supercritical fluids including CO₂ corrosion, H₂S cracking and other damage mechanisms. To achieve this objective, a quantitative risk-based approach was used. OGC Energy recommended materials for new geothermal wells that allow the production of high enthalpy fluids from near magmatic geothermal sources.

OGC Energy is proud to support this operator in Iceland.

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