What are the chloride limits for UNS S31600 and UNS 31603?

Chloride con column is “see remark”- which is any combination of chloride concentration and in situ pH occurring in production is acceptable.
E.G. TABLE A.2, S31600 can resist 5000 mg/h Chloride concentration??
How to understand these figures? or they are same service, means
5000 mg/l is only valid for temp less than 93 oc, PH2S less than 10.2 kPa???

Q1: Regarding 15156-2 Table A.2 for UNS S31600, the remarks section defines acceptance for any chloride and in situ pH. Can UNS S31600 be acceptable with a chloride content of 5000 mg/L?

A1: Table A.2 permits any level of chloride for austenitic stainless steels defined in Clause A.2 with the following restrictions: temperature shall be no higher than 60°C, the partial pressure of H2S shall be no higher than 100 kPa and no elemental sulfur. Note that the material restrictions defined in note a in Table A.2 also apply.

Q2: How do I understand these figures in Table A.2?

A2: We cannot provide consulting services. You may need to employ a consultant to help your understanding of these material and application limits.

Reference MP Inquiry 2017-06 (NACE MR0175 Part 3 A.2)

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