In NACE MR0103, is carbon steel allowed “hot-forged” or is heat treatment mandatory?

NACE MR0103 in section 13.1.1 allows “hot rolled” as a heat treatment condition for carbon steels. Is this applicable for flanges, fittings, seamless pipe, etc which are not produced by rolling? Hot rolled can be interpreted as “hot formed” for product types other than plate? ANSI / NACE MR0175 / ISO 15156-2 in paragraph A.2.1.3 provides an allowance, and there is documented evidence that “hot formed” ASTM A105 and A234 WPB and WPC flanges and fittings are fit for purpose.

Hot-rolling and hot-forming are not equivalent. Forged material shall be heat treated to the requirements of 13.1.1

Reference NACE MR0103/ISO 17945 clause 13.1.1

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