Subsurface Integrity Review in ADNOC



The Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Petroleum Operations Ltd. (ADCO) operates onshore and in shallow coastal waters of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.


United Arab Emirates


Oil & Gas Corrosion worked with ADCO to assure fitness for purpose of the Asab and Bab subsurface facilities.


ADCO needed to review the integrity of their subsurface facilities in Asab and Bab in order to assure the performance of the operation and, where required, to extend the operating life of their wells. To do this a pragmatic solution was required.

How Our Expertise Helped ADCO

Oil & Gas Corrosion, in collaboration with Xodus Group, carried out a subsurface integrity study by prioritising the focus on 9 areas:

1. Sustained annulus pressure (SAP) 2. Downhole inhibition 3. OGD (III) Project 4. Cementing 5. External corrosion of casing 6. Tubing and casing inspection 7. Materials selection 8. Downhole deposition and wellhead 9. Switch over of oil to gas producers.

Oil & Gas Corrosion delivered project management and materials and corrosion expertise supported by the subsurface expertise from Xodus Group. The study delivered a series of recommendations that were ranked to select those that were easiest to implement and with the highest positive impact on the project. As a result of this study, ADCO has been able to develop a robust business continuity plan for their subsurface operations as well as extend the life of their assets.

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