Meet Tuncay (Tuny) Senior Materials Engineer at OGC Energy!

Tuny joined the OGC Energy team in 2021 as a metallurgist. With technical and practical industrial experience, he plays a crucial role in materials selection and corrosion management for both Oil and Gas and Renewables projects. As a Senior Materials Engineer, Tuny is responsible for carrying out corrosion assessments and detailed materials selection, helping clients define expected problems and mitigation of applicable solutions. His deep understanding of metallurgy, surface preparation, and coating processes, as well as his experience in materials testing and characterisation, make him a valuable asset to the team.

Tuny’s skills also include the ability to identify and utilise essential standards for projects, such as ISO 15156/NACE MR0175. He has a straightforward and pragmatic approach to solutions and provides valuable knowledge about technologies in the renewable sector, defining and resolving challenges for hydrogen transition and other renewables projects.

In addition to his expertise in hydrogen, Tuny addresses niche questions for upcoming technologies, such as reviewing existing valves used in oil and gas infrastructure and conducting materials compatibility assessments to repurpose for hydrogen service. With his contributions, OGC Energy is enabling the development of a pan-European hydrogen infrastructure that connects proposed energy hubs and existing national grid infrastructure.

Tuncay (Tuny) Kurtulan | Senior Materials Engineer



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