Meet Brad, Engineering Lead at OGC Energy!

Brad Healey is the Engineering Lead at OGC Energy, with a robust background in process engineering, Brad manages a multidiscipline team of engineers that supports the core materials and corrosion consultancy to deliver practical solutions. He drives project success in the Oil and Gas as well as Renewable sectors, guiding projects from inception to fruition and consistently exceeding client expectations.

Brad contributes to the company’s excellence. The expert team at OGC Energy delivers adaptable consulting services, offering achievable technical solutions that drive project success in the energy sector. Brad’s leadership ensures seamless project execution, with his deep process engineering knowledge, particularly in CCS and gas processing, leading to exceptional technical outcomes. Clients benefit from his adept insights and management skills, making a substantial impact on the success of intricate projects.

Brad has experience in process simulation, using his knowledge and skills to help clients estimate corrosion risk and make informed material selection decisions. His contributions to the field have not gone unnoticed, as he was awarded the Aungier Award 2022 by the Gas Processors Association Europe for his presentation on the integrity of CCS projects via an integrated approach.

Brad has a proven track record of success across the renewable energy industries, having worked on a number of projects, including CCS corrosion risk estimation projects across the globe, a government-funded project to assess existing natural gas valve infrastructure suitability for hydrogen, and material suitability assessments for the harshest geothermal conditions. With his extensive knowledge and expertise, Brad is a backbone of OGC Energy, helping clients achieve their goals in the energy transition.

Brad Healey | Engineering Lead

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