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OGC Energy

We are OGC Energy. Founded in 2014 as Oil & Gas Corrosion Ltd., by CEO Ivan Gutierrez, OGC Energy has a wealth of experience in providing expert technical advice for energy operators.

With a portfolio of clients worldwide and a multitude of completed assignments for market-leading operators, we take pride in providing top-tier consultancy services. Whether it is concept to FEED, CCUS or Oil & Gas; we have the track record and expertise to help you complete your projects successfully and boost your assets.

Our history

Our Vision

An energy company built on integrity record and engineering expertise.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become a recognised provider of technical solutions in asset integrity for the energy industry by building an international track record and developing disruptive digital solutions.

Our Values

Expert and Consistent
Versatile and Efficient
Friendly and Helpful



Worldwide reach, with clients in the UK, USA, Norway, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Mexico and more.



From concept to FEED, EPIC support, life extension, decommissioning, product development and more.


New Products

Selecting sour service materials and supporting the qualification process to help create products fit for purpose.

What we do

OGC Energy works with you to manage the risks in materials and corrosion.

Comply with regulations and standards

Our expertise helps you understand and comply with regulatory and client requirements without incurring in unnecessary costs.

Protect personnel, assets and reputations

We help you develop your project making sure all materials are fit for purpose for the life of the asset and managing risks.

Assure Continuity of Your Business

Our Expert advice helps you ensure maximum operational capacity to maintain integrity of your asset

Our People


Ivan Gutierrez

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Ivan is our founder and CEO. Ivan has 20+ years’ experience in materials and corrosion working across the energy industry helping operators manage the risk of corrosion; he is a Great Britain national expert and an internationally recognised expert on sour service. His credentials give you an idea of his understanding and influence within our industry.

Lisa Gregory

Finance Director

Lisa has been a member of the team since 2014, Lisa has a strong background in corporate finance and management, her career spans over 25 years in manufacture, retail, and entertainment industries. At OGC Energy, Lisa oversees all financial responsibilities as well as office management and project support.

Yunnan Gao

Principal Corrosion Consultant

Yunnan is an experienced materials and corrosion expert with track record as Technical Authority. Yunnan has more than 20 years’ working experience in materials and corrosion and in the oil and gas industry. Having worked with operators in the North Sea, Yunnan has a wealth of experience in corrosion management and risk based inspection.

Brad Healey

Process Engineer & Engineering Lead

Brad has been with us since 2019, first as an intern, then working with us while completing his masters degree and more recently as a process engineer following his graduation in 2020. He plays a central role in process engineering for CCUS and gas processing.

Magdalena Jakonska

Integrity Engineer

Magda first joined Oil & Gas Corrosion Ltd in the summer 2020 as an engineering intern and then continued working with us during her final year in Sheffield Hallam University. In 2021 Magda joined full time as an Integrity Engineer, Magda is currently working with clients developing Risk Based Inspection programmes for hydrocarbon assets.

Tuny Kurtulan

Materials Engineer

Tuny is a metallurgist with hands on experience in metal processing and coatings. Tuny studied Metallurgy and Materials Engineering at Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University. His expertise includes steel and aluminium processing, anticorrosive electroplated coatings and hot dipped galvanising. At OGC Energy, Tuny works with operators to find practical and fit for purpose solutions to their metallurgy challenges.

Mark McLeod

Mechanical Engineer

Mark is a Mechanical Engineer and focuses on mechanical integrity such as fitness for service, pressure vessels integrity. Mark’s work also involves computational fluid dynamics simulations of a novel offshore sulphur disposal technology. Mark joined the team in September 2021 following a successful internship through Sheffield Hallam University.

Richard King

Senior Developer

Richard joined the OGC Energy team as Senior Developer. Richard actively helps the engineering team to implement cloud-based solutions that help clients maintain integrity of their energy assets.


Chief Wellness Officer

Cholo, is a 9 year old Mexican Hairless (Xoloitzcuintle). Cholo first joined Oil and Gas Corrosion Ltd. In 2014 as lunch inspector and rose through the ranks to Chief Wellness Officer. Cholo has 7 years of experience in stealing his colleagues’ food and sunbathing in the office. As Chief Wellness Officer, Cholo ensures that everyone in the office is happy and working hard.


“The advice given by OGC is reliable, and having worked with the firm for 3-4 years, we have a good understanding of what can be expected”

“OGC has always answered all our questions with timely responses, honesty regarding extension requirements and lots of technical knowledge provided. The overall quality of service is very good.”

“We saw lots of information of materials going into NACE, with background info to why certain things are put into standard. Overall, we found that OGC has really good knowledge on a niche topic, a topic which nobody else has such a deep pool of knowledge about.”

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