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Choose OGC Energy for unmatched expertise in materials and corrosion, delivering innovative solutions based on your needs. Our adaptable knowledge and commitment to excellence make us your trusted partner.

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With OGC Energy, you get expert technical support, versatile consulting, and a dedicated team committed to your success in the energy sector. Trust us to provide exceptional results and customer service.

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Offshore Wind

Our offshore wind expertise at OGC Energy involves assisting with the right material and coating choices for structural components and enhancing cathodic protection systems (SACP and ICCP) to maximise the asset’s lifespan. We also provide quality control during fabrication and comprehensive corrosion management services.

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OGC Energy supports companies in the energy transition, including operators involved in hydrogen projects. Our team provides expert knowledge of hydrogen damage mechanisms and metallurgy, offering straightforward answers to clients’ needs. Our focus on safety and quality helps make clients’ projects hydrogen-ready by providing the expert knowledge needed. By understanding the market’s hydrogen requirements, OGC Energy significantly reduces the risks involved in these projects.

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OGC Energy offers technical support to operators and consortiums developing CCS projects. Our team provides services such as corrosion assessment and materials selection, downhole metallurgy, and support for re-purposing existing assets. We also assist in specification development and operation modes. Our progressive CCS mindset and proven track record of supporting innovative CCS projects enable us to simplify complex corrosion issues, provide cost-effective solutions, and ensure consistent asset management and risk reduction in the CCS industry.

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OGC Energy provides materials and corrosion support to the oil and gas sector. Our team of experts specialises in corrosion assessments, materials selection, asset integrity and more. We offer flexible and efficient solutions tailored to each project’s needs, ensuring prompt and comprehensive answers with clear communication. With a track record of successful projects, our team is dedicated to delivering reliable and flexible solutions for safe and compliant operations. Choose OGC Energy for your materials and corrosion support needs.

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Worldwide reach, with clients in the UK, USA, Norway, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Mexico and more.



From concept to FEED, EPIC support, life extension, decommissioning, product development and more.


New Products

Selecting sour service materials and supporting the qualification process to help create products fit for purpose.

Our Services

Materials and Corrosion Services

OGC Energy provides expert materials and corrosion support for energy projects, delivering tailored solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our team eliminates uncertainty and guarantees that your project has fit-for-purpose materials, adequate corrosion mitigation, and reduced risk for successful results.

Asset Integrity Services

OGC Energy offers specialised asset integrity services to support clients in meeting regulatory requirements, extending the life of aging assets, and reducing risks. Our expertise includes data management, risk-based inspection, corrosion management, regulatory compliance, fitness-for-service and life extension studies.

NACE MR0175 Support Services

OGC Energy provides expert NACE MR0175 compliance services. We offer comprehensive support including material selection, sour service evaluation, product development, mediation, litigation and expert witness services. Trust in our proven track record and technical authority for successful MR0175 compliance.

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OGC Energy provides innovative technical solutions for energy challenges in materials, corrosion and asset integrity with unmatched engineering expertise. Our versatile consulting services deliver answers to complex issues, helping clients achieve their goals in a sustainable energy transition.

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