Case Study

Achieving Success in Offshore Wind: Specialist Support Ensures Materials and Corrosion Integrity for a Major Wind Farm Project






A joint offshore wind farm project was developed by several leading entities. The project boasts a contracted capacity of over 350MW and is located in far east.


During the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) phase, the project encountered a substantial challenge related to materials and corrosion management due to its complex supply chain.


OGC Energy provided specialist support to ensure that all materials and welding were correct, and the corrosion protection, including coating and cathodic protection, was fit for purpose. Our team used their extensive expertise in materials and corrosion to guarantee the success of the project.

Our team's approach included developing a detailed corrosion risk management plan applied for fabrication and installation that accounted for the unique challenges of the project. We provided ongoing support throughout the EPC stage, conducting regular support to the owner and interfacing with fabrications to ensure that all materials and coatings were fit for service. We also provided expert advice on materials selection, welding procedures, and corrosion protection measures to minimize the risk of corrosion and ensure the longevity of the wind farm.

The benefits of OGC Energy's specialist support are significant. By ensuring that all materials and welding were in accordance with the project requirements and the corrosion protection was fit for purpose, we helped ensure the success of the project. This, in turn, will provide a reliable and sustainable source of power to approximately 380,000 households per year. OGC Energy is proud to have played a role in advancing sustainable energy solutions and remains committed to driving innovation in the field of materials and corrosion management.


If you are facing intricate technical and commercial challenges in your project, OGC Energy are equipped to offer bespoke solutions to guarantee your project's success. Our collective proficiency in materials, corrosion management, procurement, and project management is designed to streamline your processes, diminish risks, and augment both the efficiency and sustainability of your initiatives. We invite you to contact us to discover how our services can aid you in achieving your project objectives and navigating through challenges.

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