Case Study

Corrosion Management for an Onshore Operator


Confidential (Onshore operator focused on enhancing and redeveloping mature assets)


East Europe


An onshore operator was suffering of production loss due to corrosion. Production is sour meaning that risk to human life was high. OGC Energy helped the operator to develop and implement a Corrosion Management System.


An onshore operator was facing a critical challenge as their production was being impacted by corrosion. The production process involved handling sour gas, which posed a significant risk to human life and the local regulatory body and stakeholders were concerned about the situation and demanded that the operator implement a corrosion management program to mitigate the risks. The operator was also faced with financial restrictions and required a Corrosion Management System (CMS) that could be easily implemented and would provide results within a short time frame.

How OGC Energy Helped The Client

OGC Energy, with its recognised expertise in sour service, stepped in to help the operator. The team prepared the documentation and system requirements for a minimalistic and highly effective CMS designed for the operator organisation. They also organised a risk assessment workshop with the client's operations and maintenance teams to identify "quick wins" such as chemical skid refurbishment and retrofit pigging. These "quick wins" were validated and prioritised in terms of cost and benefit.
The implementation of the CMS resulted in a significant reduction of leaks by more than 87% and a consequential increase in production. The success of the CMS led to the development of a screening tool by OGC Energy that allows operators to estimate the cost of corrosion management in any asset that is considered for acquisition. This tool reduces uncertainty prior to investment decisions, helping operators make informed decisions.
OGC Energy's expertise in corrosion management and sour service proved to be invaluable for the onshore operator. The team's effective solution not only reduced leaks and increased production but also provided a valuable tool for the operator to make informed investment decisions.

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