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Cuu Long JOC Extended Operational Life of Offshore Platform with OGC Energy’s Expertise


Cuu Long JOC Vietnam




The Cuu Long Joint Operating Company (Cuu Long JOC) is responsible for the operations of the Su Tu Den South West Platform. In order to sustain operations, the company has initiated a study to extend the life of various systems and equipment on the platform.


A leading offshore operator seeks to extend the operational life of all pressure systems in their unmanned offshore platform.
With a vast amount of data, including information on 3000 pipeline locations and 20 vessels, the execution of the life extension study presents a significant challenge. Nevertheless, it is imperative for Cuu Long JOC to take prompt action in order to ensure the continuity of its business operations.

How our expertise helped the client

OGC Energy's expertise has enabled them to successfully develop and implement a comprehensive plan to review the design and operating data, as well as extensive inspection data, of the Su Tu Den South West Platform. This information was used to address the gaps caused by the lack of a corrosion management strategy.
After conducting a thorough data review, OGC Energy performed a fitness for service assessment to ensure the safety and longevity of the platform's assets. The piping system was evaluated to ASME B31.3 standards, while pressure vessels and boilers were assessed according to API 579 guidelines. The semi-automated system used by OGC Energy enabled them to process a large amount of data in a timely manner, covering over 3000 pipeline locations.
The results of the fitness for service study showed that the platform's assets are suitable for continued use until 2033. This extension of the platform's lifespan, confirmed by OGC Energy, gives Cuu Long JOC the assurance they need to implement a robust corrosion management strategy and maximise the operational lifespan of the platform.

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