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Dolphyn, ERM’s Wind-To-Green Hydrogen Project a Reality with OGC Energy’s Expertise in Materials Selection


ERM Dolphyn




ERM is proud to introduce the Dolphyn project - a revolutionary solution that merges cutting-edge floating wind and hydrogen production technologies. This integrated system will harness the power of offshore wind resources to drive the production of green hydrogen on a massive scale.
As a participant in the UK Government's "Hydrogen Supply Programme," funded by the BEIS Energy Innovation Programme, ERM has worked tirelessly to design and develop the Dolphyn concept. This innovative solution leverages a modular design, incorporating both electrolysis and a 10 MW wind turbine on a moored floating substructure. The result is a fully integrated system capable of producing green hydrogen from seawater, powered exclusively by wind energy.
This is a game-changing solution that will help the UK reach its decarbonisation targets and promote the use of clean energy.


ERM’s Dolphyn project was a cutting-edge system that combined the latest floating wind and hydrogen production technologies. It aimed to enable offshore wind resources to contribute to hydrogen production, and was part of the UK Government's "Hydrogen Supply Programme"
ERM tasked Offshore Design Engineering (ODE) with the creation of Dolphyn's conceptual design and front-end engineering design (FEED). The challenge was to select materials that met regulations and were economically feasible for a first-of-its-kind project. OGC Energy was brought on board to tackle this critical aspect of the project and ensure its success.

How We Helped the Client:

ODE was tasked with developing the conceptual design and Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) for Dolphyn, ERM's innovative project combining floating wind and hydrogen production technologies. Their work focused on process equipment, electrical design, and overall technical safety. To ensure the success of the project, ODE turned to OGC Energy for their expertise in materials selection.
OGC Energy conducted a comprehensive assessment of the piping and equipment materials based on the project's risk criteria, including seawater, brines, hydrogen service, external corrosion, and UV degradation. Our team, experienced in hydrogen and materials, worked in close collaboration with ODE, providing fit-for-purpose and cost-effective materials solutions that met all project requirements and deadlines. By relying on OGC Energy's expertise, ERM and ODE can be confident that Dolphyn will be the first successful floating green hydrogen project in the world.

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