Case Study

Integrity Threat Assessment and Material Selection for a Biorefinery Pre-Feed Project






The client, a leader in renewable energy solutions, embarked on a pre-feed project for their Biorefinery. This innovative biorefinery concept utilised a groundbreaking process to convert carboniferous waste materials and biomass into high-energy-density synthetic liquid fuel, advancing sustainable energy solutions. The project's goal was to meet ISO 8217 VLSFO Marine Fuel Specification while also producing marketable co-products such as Wood Vinegar and Bio Charcoal.


Facing a pressing timeline for planning and permitting, the client collaborated with engineering experts to accelerate approvals. OGC Energy's primary objective was to provide a comprehensive overview of credible damage mechanisms that could threaten project integrity and offer a preliminary material selection for permitting applications, ensuring a streamlined approval process. OGC Energy team's approach was meticulously designed to balance cost-efficiency and safety, considering budget constraints. OGC Energy strategically recommended commercially available materials that not only ensured the project's immediate feasibility but also aligned seamlessly with client’s visionary approach for flexibility, modularity, and easy maintenance. Importantly, OGC Energy's material selection prioritised cost-effectiveness to establish a strong concept foundation, enhancing the project's potential for successful upscaling in the future.

How OGC Energy Helped the Client

To address the challenge of internal corrosion, we conducted a comprehensive assessment, considering factors such as high operating temperatures of up to ~600°C, Total Acid Number (TAN), feedstock composition, erosion risks, solid contaminants, and environmental conditions. These findings informed our material selection and corrosion control strategies, securing the long-term integrity of the Biorefinery project. OGC Energy's recommendations significantly improved the efficiency and safety of the client's Biorefinery project. By proactively addressing corrosion and integrity concerns and integrating monitoring strategies aligned with industry standards, OGC Energy ensured a cost-effective and secure project execution. OGC Energy's collaborative approach with the client streamlined planning and permitting, minimising delays and contributing to cost efficiency and safety. These recommendations serve as a robust foundation for future upscaling, underlining client's commitment to sustainability.

OGC Energy's collaboration on the Biorefinery pre-feed project underscores their dedication to delivering effective engineering solutions. By providing crucial engineering documentation, material expertise, and corrosion analysis, they facilitated a seamless planning and permitting process. OGC Energy's work met immediate project needs and laid a solid foundation for upscaling, long-term reliability, and sustainability, aligning with their client's vision for a greener future.

How we help you

OGC Energy experience with the Biorefinery pre-feed project demonstrates how OGC Energy can assist clients in the renewable energy sector. They excel in evaluating credible damage mechanisms, recommending cost-effective materials, expediting approvals, and providing sustainable solutions. OGC Energy collaborative approach streamlines planning and permitting, ensuring both immediate project needs and long-term reliability, all while aligning with your vision for a greener future. Whether it's a biorefinery project or any renewable energy endeavour, OGC Energy is your dedicated partner for effective engineering solutions.

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