Case Study

Materials for a Submersible Pump


A Manufacturer of Electrical Submersible Pump (confidential).


United Kingdom


OGC Energy advised the client on materials selection in order to develop an artificial lift system for use in sour service.


The client has developed an artificial system capable to be deployed without a rig. This system allows for rapid replacement of failed Electrical Submersible Pumps (ESP), as well as significantly lower installation costs for applying new artificial lift to wells.

The artificial lift system was conceived as an ESP that can safely operate in sour environments. The client required support to select the correct materials that will deliver the required mechanical performance and maintain integrity in production environments with H₂S.

How Our Expertise Helped The Client

OGC Energy completed the materials selection for the artificial lift system covering both metallic and nonmetallic materials, the work focused on identifying materials that provide the integrity in sour environments and the mechanical performance required for the Electrical Submersible Pump system. Once the materials selection was concluded, the team of metallurgist and corrosion experts at OGC Energy prepared a set of Integrity Operating Windows for each separate component and for the Electrical Submersible Pump as a sour service compliant artificial lift system.

With OGC Energy expertise, the client now can offer the Electrical Submersible Pump fully compliant with the material requirements of ANSI / NACE MR0175 / ISO 15156.

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