Case Study

Materials selection for a synthetic fuel project






An engineering and construction company has engaged OGC Energy to provide technical support in materials and corrosion for an ambitious synthetic fuel project. This initiative will develop a unique facility that converts various sustainable feedstocks into high-energy-density synthetic fuels with an emphasis on an environmentally friendly production. The innovative nature of this project comes with its own set of challenges.


The project required significant technical support in materials and corrosion to facilitate its development. The primary challenge was the selection of materials that met regulatory standards while remaining economically viable for this pioneering facility. Extensive analysis was necessary to evaluate potential damage mechanisms, including internal corrosion risks, hydrogen embrittlement, stress cracking, and thermal fatigue, among others. OGC Energy's strategic material selection prioritised immediate feasibility while aligning with the project's future scaling plans to support the mid and large-scale economic production of synthetic fuels.


OGC Energy provided technical expertise for a project focused on renewable energy infrastructure, this was not the first time OGC Energy collaborated with companies at the forefront of renewable energy. OGC Energy conducted a comprehensive assessment to address internal corrosion risks, taking into account high operating temperatures, feedstock composition, erosion risks, and environmental conditions. The material selection and corrosion control strategies were instrumental in ensuring the long-term integrity of this innovative project that will produce synthetic fuels in a sustainable process. The collaboration with the client showcases OGC Energy's dedication to delivering impactful engineering solutions. They efficiently handled detailed design utilising OGC Energy’s know-how in corrosion analysis and materials, solving challenges for future upscaling.


OGC Energy’s initiative for engineering solutions that support environmental responsibility and sustainable technological progress is mirrored in this project. They're committed to creating solutions for materials selection to underpin your success. Discover how OGC Energy can unlock your projects and advance your environmental and technological goals with their comprehensive solutions in materials and corrosion.

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