Case Study

Metallurgy Services for a Manufacturer of Oilfield Tools Servicing the Eagle Ford and Marcellus Basins


A Manufacturer of Oilfield Tools


US based with offices servicing the Eagle Ford and Marcellus basins


The Client is a well-established manufacturer of downhole and surface equipment in the oil and gas industry. In the face of a challenging downturn in 2015 and 2016, the client sought to take advantage of the return of drilling activity and needed a technical resource in oilfield metallurgy that was flexible and adaptable to changing market demands.


The Client needed to secure their place in a competitive market and needed a technical resource in oilfield metallurgy that was both strong and flexible. The challenge was to find ad-hoc expert support that could help their lean sales team and provide the necessary reassurance for their commercial offerings.

How OGC Energy Helped the Client

OGC Energy stepped in to provide the technical support the client needed. Our team of oilfield metallurgists and corrosion experts used state-of-the-art mobile technology to provide real-time support in locations such as the Eagle Ford and Marcellus basins. Our services included end-user specification review, client and end-user technical support, metallurgy and materials selection advice, material substitution recommendations, and QA support.
By providing fast and flexible expert support, OGC Energy helped the client to complete sales and reassured them that their commercial offerings were technically sound. This allowed the client to secure their place in a challenging market and maximise their chances for success.

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