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OGC Energy Helps APO Extend Pipeline Life with NACE MR0175 Expertise


Amilcar Petroleum Operations




The APO-operated Hasdrubal oil and gas field is situated 100 kilometers off the coast of Tunisia, in the Gulf of Gabes. With a water depth of 62 meters, it is located within the APO exploration permit. The field is made up of the Miskar platform, which is operated by APO, and a single pipeline that connects the Miskar platform to the Hannibal Plant.


Well souring is expected to bring the H₂S content within the pipeline between miskar and Hannibal above safe operating limits determined by previous sour service qualification that was done in 2008 with laboratory testing done to NACE MR0175. An ageing pipeline with insufficient sour service protection was expecting a 10-fold rise in H₂S content over 10 years. No material certificates or documentation from the installation were available. Several strategies were necessary to protect the asset, challenging the typical “quick fix” corrosion inhibitor mindset.

How our expertise helped the client

The experts at OGC Energy understand the critical importance of protecting assets in a sour service environment. Recognising the potential impact of the rising H₂S content in the pipeline between Miskar and Hannibal, they conducted a thorough review of previous SSC testing, dehydration methodology, and monitoring data to identify areas of concern. With a focus on a system-wide approach to mitigating uncontrolled releases of hydrocarbons, the team considered the impact of downstream conditions, operating modes, and pipeline stress on SSC.
Through their analysis, the team discovered that the material used in the pipeline was insufficient to protect against the wet scenario, and made recommendations to ensure the pipeline remained dry. They also quantified stress in the pipeline and advised further testing in accordance with ISO 15156 section 8, recommending qualification tests from NACE TM 0177, NACE TM 0316, and BS EN 3701. Alongside this, they recommended changes to operating modes to maximise the allowable concentration of H₂S and extend the life of the asset.
OGC Energy's expertise in NACE MR0175 sets them apart, allowing them to provide comprehensive solutions to protect your assets in a sour service environment.

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