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Overcoming Challenges with Expertise: OGC Energy’s Materials and Corrosion Support for Rampion Offshore Wind Farm






Rampion Offshore Wind Farm is the first offshore wind farm on the UK's south coast. The wind farm comprises 116 turbines on a 70 square kilometre site located between 13 and 20 kilometres off the Sussex coast in the English Channel. The wind farm now generates enough green electricity to power the equivalent of around 350,000 UK homes, which is almost half the homes in Sussex.


Rampion faced a significant challenge during a j-tube change that required specialist support in materials and corrosion. The j-tube change is a complicated process that involves replacing a tube used to protect subsea cables that connect the turbines to the offshore substation.


OGC Energy provided specialist support to ensure that all materials and welding were correct, and the corrosion protection, including coating and cathodic protection, were fit for purpose. Our team understood the unique challenges of working on an offshore wind farm and optimised our advice accordingly to guarantee the success of the project.
Our team's approach included conducting a thorough risk assessment to identify potential corrosion risks and developing a detailed corrosion management plan. We provided expert advice on materials selection, welding procedures, and corrosion protection measures to minimise the risk of corrosion and ensure the longevity of the subsea cables.
The benefits of OGC Energy's specialist support are significant. By ensuring that all materials and welding were correct and the corrosion protection was fit for purpose, we helped ensure the success of the j-tube change and the continued operation of the Rampion Offshore Wind Farm. This, in turn, will provide a reliable and sustainable source of power to around 350,000 UK homes. OGC Energy is proud to have played a role in advancing sustainable energy solutions and remains committed to driving innovation in the field of materials and corrosion management.


At OGC Energy, we understand the critical importance of ensuring the integrity and longevity of offshore wind farm infrastructure. Our team specialises in providing tailored solutions for materials and corrosion challenges, ensuring that your projects remain resilient and sustainable over the long term. From comprehensive risk assessments to detailed corrosion management plans, we offer expert advice and support every step of the way. Whether you're facing complex j-tube changes or other intricate tasks, count on OGC Energy to deliver reliable, efficient, and innovative solutions that drive the success of your offshore wind projects. Connect with us today to explore how we can support your endeavours in advancing sustainable energy solutions.

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