Case Study

RBI Support for a Downstream Operator


A downstream operator owner of 4 refineries (Confidential)


East Europe - 4 Different Locations


A downstream operator requested OGC Energy to carry out an audit on their API 581 – based RBI system and to complete a gap analysis for RBI implementation in 3 other refineries.


A downstream operator rapidly growing through acquisition of assets such as refineries had developed a corporate strategy that included, as a key objective, developing and implementing a corporate Risk Based Inspection (RBI) programme across their assets. The different legacy of each asset meant that there was no fit-for-all solution. The operator required a specialist company to carry out an audit in the only asset with RBI and complete a gap analysis on the remaining three assets.

The ultimate objective was to identify key areas of opportunity and prioritise remaining actions.

How Our Expertise Helped The Client

OGC Energy assembled a team of RBI experts fully trained to API 581 and with extensive refinery experience. Ivan Gutierrez, Managing Director of OGC Energy led the team activities across 4 different sites.

The result of the audit was the verification of the existing RBI system and a series of recommendations for continuous improvement. The gap analysis in the 3 remaining assets was the foundation for development and implementation strategy of a corporate RBI system.

The strategy outlines:

1. Infrastructure
2. Technology
3. Instrumentation
4. Inspection
5. Monitoring requirements

The gap analysis was also used to define the RBI system minimum requirements and as a base for the preparing a scope of work to implement a corporate RBI system.

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