Case Study

Recurring Gas Compressor Cooler Leaks on FPSO




Bukit Tua field, India


M3NERGY owns the Ratu Nusantara, a Floating Production, Storage and Offloading vessel (FPSO). The Ratu Nusantara FPSO had comprehensive topside conversion for the Bukit Tua field operation.


The challenge of the project lay in the comprehensive topside conversion of the Ratu Nusantara FPSO for the Bukit Tua field operation, compounded by the persistent leaks occurring in the gas compressor coolers.
There were significant concerns regarding the fitness of materials used and the underlying failure mechanisms contributing to these leaks. This necessitated a thorough examination of the coolers and a comprehensive assessment to identify the root causes of the leaks and ensure the long-term reliability and safety of the FPSO's operations.


OGC Energy leveraged its expertise in failure analysis to evaluate coolers constructed from Duplex Stainless Steel, ensuring optimal performance and safety. By meticulously reviewing design, fabrication, inspection, and operation records, OGC Energy pinpointed areas of concern and conducted a comprehensive risk assessment. This led to the identification of corrosion issues at cooler shells, weldments, and crevices, caused by welding defects and bundle tube seams. OGC Energy provided actionable solutions by identifying the root cause and recommending measures to mitigate risks, such as endorsing the use of Duplex 22Cr and implementing crevice management techniques. Through welding repairs for cooler shells and bundle replacements where necessary, OGC Energy ensured the longevity and safety of FPSO operations, enhancing overall safety and reliability.


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