The #1 Cloud Based Application for Materials Selection!


Alloyselect is a bespoke cloud-based application for materials selection of oil and gas assets.

Developed and maintained by OGC Energy (formerly Oil and Gas Corrosion Ltd.), Alloyselect is backed by a wealth of experience and expertise in providing oil and gas operators with expert advice to help meet regulatory compliance, ensure business continuity and optimise expenditure by managing the risks associated with materials and corrosion.

We Are Global!

We work across the globe providing technical support to clients in more than 45+ countries including the United Kingdom, USA, Norway, United Arab Emirates, Singapore and more.

We have a wealth of experience!

We have delivered more than 300+ assignments, from concept to FEED, EPC support, life extension and decommissioning; product development and specialist support to financial due diligence. 40% of our operations consist of renewable projects, a market leading figure within the sector.

How have we helped others?

We have worked with clients selecting sour service materials for more than 25 new products, providing technical support during the qualification process to demonstrate fitness for purpose.

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