Ivan Gutierrez, CEO of OGC Energy, is an industry leader with over 25 years of experience in the field of materials and corrosion.

With a wealth of expertise and international recognition, Ivan is responsible for the overall delivery of technical solutions to OGC Energy clients. As the company’s Technical Authority, Ivan provides guidance in areas such as regulatory compliance, materials selection, and corrosion management.

Ivan’s credentials include membership in NACE, the Institute of Corrosion, and the Society of Petroleum Engineers. He is also a Great Britain national expert and a member of multiple international committees, including ISO/TC 67/WG 8 and ISO/TC 67/WG 13.

Ivan’s extensive knowledge has played a crucial role in numerous breakthrough projects such as Porthos CCS in The Netherlands, Carbfix in Iceland, and multiple Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) projects in the UK, totalling a combined capacity of 60MTPA of CO₂. His expertise in materials and offshore wind has also been applied to projects such as ERM’s Dolphyn, a project that aims to produce green hydrogen from floating offshore wind.

Ivan’s technical support has helped geothermal operators in Iceland, the Netherlands, and Mexico to maintain the integrity of their assets and produce more renewable energy. With a focus on sustainable hydrocarbon production, Ivan leads the OGC Energy team in providing expert advice to operators and reducing the risk of an uncontrolled release.

Ivan Gutierrez | CEO

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