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For Oil and Gas Operators:

We support operators across the asset life cycle to manage the risk of corrosion and H₂S. During the early stages of a project, we select the optimum materials to meet the project requirements. We work during EPIC and commissioning stages to assure quality and integrity of the installation and to meet regulatory requirements. At the operation stage, we provide specialised integrity support in areas such as corrosion management. As the end of asset life approaches, we help operators to evaluate options for life extension.

For Upstream Consultancy Companies:

We collaborate with consultancy companies in concept, FEED and detailed design projects. We understand the consultancy business and we are conscious of time and expenditure pressures. We work with your team to deliver technical solutions in a timely fashion. We work with your experts to seamlessly provide the best materials solution that helps you deliver a project, our focus is to bring our materials and corrosion expertise to your project.

For Contractors:

We support contractors by helping to solve problems during EPIC stages and in operations support; we help contractors meet client and regulatory requirements without incurring in excessive costs. We understand that you need pragmatic solutions that will help you to successfully deliver a project on time and within budget, that’s why we aim to understand your client needs and help you deliver cost effective solutions that meet client and regulatory requirements.

For Product Manufacturers:

We can help clients across the supply chain by developing products that meet the most stringent regulatory and client requirements while remaining competitive.

From basic metallurgy to final product qualification, we have experience in applied metallurgy and materials to help you develop products that will give you a competitive edge. Our in-depth knowledge of sour service will be at your service when developing new products. We can help you design and manufacture to maximise profits.

We have experience with DNV, Norsok, ISO procedures and knowledge of international and national standards to successfully develop and launch your new products.

For the Financial Sector:

We act as a bridge between a technical area and your need for precise financial input; we can support you in the following areas:

Risk – we help insurance companies quantify the risks during operation.

Due diligence – our experience allows us to sift through large quantities of information whether remotely or at a data room to efficiently help you identify the key issues.

Market intelligence – whether it is for acquisition evaluation or project appraisal, we have knowledge to help you navigate through the complicated supply chain of an asset.

Are you experiencing technical challenges that are compromising your project? Contact us now and let us to get your project back on track!

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