OGC has grown!

The team  has nearly all but doubled this year. With the lockdown lifted, we’re now able to all work together in the office, and even found the time to ask Nelly Naylor to come back in to get some photos of everyone!

“It’s fantastic to have everyone in the office, you can feel the energy! It’s also great to see everyone working seamlessly both remotely and when sitting next to each other. Lockdowns and WFH were challenging times, but everyone was determined to continue moving forward, a prime example is the fact that four of our interns graduated and then became our permanent employees and the backbone of the OGC Energy team. The growth we are experiencing is the result of clients trusting our expertise and our drive to provide operators straightforward advice and valuable service in materials, corrosion and integrity.”
– Ivan Gutierrez, CEO at OGC Energy

“I am really proud to have been able to oversee the growth of OGC Energy over the past couple of years. That growth is credit to the team we have built, and I can’t speak any higher of the whole team here at OGC Energy (and they don’t scrub up too badly for photos either!). Despite all of the complications over the past 18 months, I’m pleased with how the team has managed to work together to deliver the high quality of work we demand from each other, and am very happy to get everyone back into the office.”
– Brad Healey, Engineering Lead at OGC Energy

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