The Aungier Award 2022

Brad Healey – The Aungier Award winner 2020-2022

We are proud to announce our Engineering Lead Brad Healey has won The Aungier Award for the best paper presented by one of Gas Processors Association Europe’s Young Professionals at their conferences between 2020-2022. The winner was decided by GPA Europe’s Technical Committee, highlighting the teams’ expertise. Having a good level of expertise, knowledge and experience, Brad presented how the industry can adapt to new approaches to understand and mitigate corrosion risks in order to successfully complete CCUS projects. This presentation presented OGC Energy’s multidisciplinary approach to CCUS projects and the various challenges faced on the most advanced projects for industrial CCUS.

“An Integrated Approach for Europe’s Industrial CCUS Projects”

CCUS for CO₂ of industrial origin has limited industry standards and documents of reference, and a large number of unknowns. Naturally, industrial CCUS presents a greater challenge than pure CO₂ capture due to the level of impurities found in the systems. The impurities present have an effect on the fluid behaviour, and increases the demands for thermodynamic modelling to take into account cross-associating components to accurately predict phase behaviour. Without accurate modelling, it is not possible to quantify the risks of corrosion. Due to their complexity, these projects require a multidiscipline, integrated, and cyclical approach with input from corrosion, flow assurance, and thermodynamic specialists in order to ensure successful and effective project completion. This presentation presents our multidisciplinary approach and the various challenges faced on the most advanced projects for industrial CCUS

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