Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd Alliance with OGC Energy Ltd


Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd Alliance with OGC Energy Ltd

Sheffield, UK 16th of September 2022. Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd, an industry leader in the area of CO2 processing and sequestration, and OGC Energy Ltd, an independent consultancy specialised in metallurgy, corrosion and asset integrity, today announce an alliance to offer the energy industry access to integrated solutions and engineering expertise in carbon capture. The alliance combines the proven track records of both companies and solid technical expertise in CO2 processing, sequestration and corrosion management. With OGC Energy Ltd at the forefront of materials, corrosion and risk, coupled with Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd’s extensive experience in FEED and execution, this alliance results in a truly integrated solution to any CCS project.

There is no doubt about the importance of carbon capture and storage to the success of the energy transition, and no doubt that these projects will require leading engineering expertise. The direct connection between Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd’s expertise in process modelling of CCS systems, and OGC Energy Ltd’s unrivalled experience in the assessment of corrosion risks associated with CCS projects, will provide the industry with integrated, expert solutions to carbon capture challenges. This combined experience will be one of the most effective ways to enable the energy industry to achieve net zero goals with extensive use of Carbon Capture and Storage. CCS projects need to manage complex engineering risks in order to broaden their processing capabilities, provide cost-effective solutions such as repurposing of old pipelines, as well as meet strict regulatory requirements. The alliance formed by Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd and OGC Energy Ltd offers a high level of technical expertise that will help operators in the energy industry to successfully complete CCS projects.

Ivan Gutierrez, CEO of OGC Energy Ltd:

“The combination of our 25 years of experience in metallurgy and corrosion in the CCUS sector and over 30 years of Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd’s experience in the specialised requirements of CO2 systems will fill the global existing gap by offering a full package of engineering services relating to CCUS projects requirements. One of the main focuses of this alliance is to provide straightforward advice to solve complex problems. We are going to share valuable knowledge based on the unique projects both companies have handled so far and provide integrated solutions to the energy industry. We have proven our companies’ capabilities in the industry and our eagerness to undertake unique projects and this alliance is the key for us to explore new opportunities.”

 Stuart MacKenzie, CEO of Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd:

“Gas Liquids Engineering is excited to offer the CCUS industry the benefits of this alliance, greatly improving the accessibility of practical design knowledge for CCUS systems.  CCUS systems typically contain water, CO2, and flue gas contaminants having unique thermodynamics and special corrosion considerations, for which we have a combined body of knowledge that will reduce system costs, and improve systems operations and longevity.”

OGC Energy Ltd has a varied and extensive body of experience when it comes to CO2 transport and injection. Projects including acid gas disposal in Canada, the US, and Iceland, along with carbon capture projects such as Athos and Porthos in Rotterdam, as well as the Santos Moomba site in Australia, and, most recently, projects with HyNet and VNet Zero clusters in the UK, are proven examples of the high level of expertise OGC Energy Ltd has. With a portfolio of CCS work across the globe combining a total sequestration capacity of more than 50 MTPA of CO2, equivalent to the emissions of Sweden, OGC Energy Ltd has an unparalleled understanding of the technical work required in CCS projects to successfully manage corrosion risks. OGC Energy Ltd’s methodology, refined over several projects, results in the expertise to deliver effective solutions to carbon capture challenges.

Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd has undertaken thousands of projects of varying size and scope since their inception in 1987, and has carried out more carbon sequestration projects than any other engineering firm on earth in the form of amine processing and acid gas geostorage.  Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd has been involved in some of the largest sequestration projects in Canada such as the CO2 compression, liquefaction, pumping, and sequestration facilities associated with the Alberta Carbon Trunkline (ACTL), one of the largest CO2 transmission systems in Canada, and is currently developing major carbon capture and CO2 transmission projects across North America.  Since GLE’s first sequestration project involving CO2 and H2S (also known as Acid Gas Injection) in 1994, GLE has an established track record as North America’s leading carbon sequestration experts. Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd’s extensive experience in the specialised requirements of CO2 systems makes them highly skilled in the processes, equipment selections, and specifications required for carbon sequestration.

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