OGC Energy progresses to Phase 2 of Hydrogen Backbone Link project

OGC Energy, a leading materials and corrosion consultancy in the energy sector, is pleased to announce its selection as a materials expert for Phase 2 of the Hydrogen Backbone Link (HBL) project led by the Net Zero Technology Centre (NZTC). OGC Energy will continue supporting NZTC to ensure the safety and suitability of valves and materials for H₂ transport.

During Phase 1, the project tackled challenges related to future hydrogen export and adapting the national transmission system for hydrogen service. OGC Energy contributed through a focused study on hydrogen valves and materials, utilising its expertise and industry network. With Phase 1 confirming NG valves’ suitability for hydrogen service and identifying key gaps, Phase 2 sets ambitious objectives to enhance safety, reliability and efficiency within the hydrogen transport system.

In Phase 2, OGC Energy focuses on three key objectives: determining critical leak rates of hydrogen in valves to ensure health, safety and environmental compliance; testing non-metallic materials for valve compatibility and identifying suitable materials for hydrogen transport within the HBL and establishing standards for valve materials by developing testing procedures to confirm suitability for hydrogen service.

“Phase 2 of the HBL project promises enhanced safety, improved reliability and optimised materials for hydrogen service. OGC Energy is committed to advancing the transition to a greener future in the energy sector,” commented Brad Healey, Engineering Lead at OGC Energy.

OGC Energy’s expertise in hydrogen and metallurgy distinguishes it as a leader in the field, demonstrated by its contributions to pioneering initiatives like the Dolphyn project and the HBL project. These efforts are critical in repurposing existing infrastructure for hydrogen energy, particularly focusing on valve technologies.

For further details on OGC Energy’s role in the energy transition including hydrogen, please contact +44 114 4000850 or email marketing@ogcenergy.com

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