Preventing CO₂ pipeline corrosion from impurities | OEUK Magazine Winter 2022-23

As an expert in materials and corrosion consultancy, we at OGC Energy are acutely aware of the crucial role that carbon capture and storage (CCS) will play in achieving the Paris Agreement of 2015 and creating a net-zero emission economy. However, we also warn of a potentially catastrophic knowledge gap in the understanding of the risks posed by impurities in the gas transported through CCS pipelines. These impurities, even if sometimes too small to measure, can still form corrosive compounds that can rapidly and unpredictably degrade the integrity of the pipelines. We urge the oil and gas industry to change its mindset and protect pipelines used for carbon capture by addressing the issue of localised corrosion. The conventional approach of corrosion allowance and regular inspections is insufficient in mitigating the damage caused by corrosive acids. It’s imperative for the industry to understand the severity of the threat posed by impurities in the gas and take appropriate measures to address it.

At OGC Energy, we aim to foster more confidence in engineering solutions for CCS by working with international standard organizations to create a meaningful carbon capture pipeline standard.

Our goal is to reduce uncertainty and provide reassurance to health and safety authorities that pipeline integrity is being managed effectively. By doing so, we hope to create an environment where more industries see CCS as a viable solution for reducing emissions and contribute to achieving a net-zero world.



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