OGC Energy Partners with AMRC to Revolutionise Hydrogen Storage Technologies

In a groundbreaking initiative, OGC Energy is forging ahead with real projects involving hydrogen (H2) and blended H2 in key locations across the globe, specifically in the UK, Canada, and Australia.

Recognising the challenges and opportunities in the field, OGC Energy has identified that existing pressure vessel regulations for H2 gas may be overly conservative. The company perceives the design and certification of large-scale H2 storage as both a challenge and an opportunity, providing a platform to select optimum materials and optimise design for enhanced efficiency.

OGC Energy is now working with experts at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) H2 group, AMRC boasts a strong track record in dealing with pressure vessels. Collaborating through the AMRC’s innovative 5-day program, OGC Energy and AMRC have undertaken a comprehensive review of the state-of-the-art materials for H2 storage and the applicable pressure vessel regulations.

The result of this collaboration is a highly specialised database and analysis of pressure vessel regulations spanning the UK, Europe, USA, and Canada. AMRC’s experts initiated this comprehensive study, and OGC Energy plans to contribute by integrating their materials expertise into this valuable resource to help the industry deliver feasible H2 solutions.

This collaboration illustrates the high value of the AMRC 5-day program for OGC Energy, showcasing how this partnership strengthens OGC’s expertise in hydrogen storage technologies. The outcome of this venture not only benefits OGC Energy but also shows the broader applicability of AMRC’s programs for any SME looking to enhance their capabilities in this cutting-edge field.

John Spencer, Senior Project Manager at AMRC, mentioned, ‘The University of Sheffield AMRC is committed to supporting businesses in the sustainable energy sector, developing new technologies to help the UK meet its net zero target.  We are pleased to be working with OGC Energy, providing support through our High-Value Manufacturing Catapult design assist programme.’

Ivan Gutierrez, CEO of OGC Energy, stated, ‘Our commitment to help the industry advance in hydrogen storage and transport technologies is reflected through our collaboration with AMRC. These types of collaborations show the importance of industry partnering with universities, allowing us a  blend of practical industry expertise and cutting-edge academic insights. The result of this collaboration allows us to expand our work with clients in H2 storage and the relevant pressure vessel regulations. We encourage other SMEs to participate in AMRC’s programs if they are eager to enhance their skills and capabilities.’

In the context of the energy industry moving towards Net Zero, the collaboration between OGC Energy and AMRC highlights the critical importance of industry players working together, particularly in the early stages of the H2 market. Tackling the complexities and challenges of hydrogen storage requires a collective effort, and partnerships like these are instrumental in driving innovation, ensuring regulatory compliance, and propelling the hydrogen sector toward a sustainable and efficient future.

The University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) is a world-leading research and innovation network and has 120 industrial partners including Rolls-Royce, Boeing, McLaren, Airbus and BAE Systems. It collaborates with industry and R&D experts to develop and de-risk innovative solutions for companies across the globe, leading manufacturing towards a smart, sustainable and resilient future. It turns world-leading research into practical improvements for industry, helping to boost businesses productivity and sharpen their competitive edge, while saving time, money and energy. The AMRC fosters collaborations and partnerships between industry, academia and government to deliver cutting-edge research, development and innovation for better products and processes; while driving forward sustainable manufacturing technologies for net zero, creating the vital step-changes needed in the low-carbon transition. The AMRC has specialist expertise in digital manufacturing, machine learning and artificial intelligence, composites, casting, automation and robotics, subtractive manufacturing, additive manufacturing, design and prototyping, testing and training. It has a global reputation for helping companies overcome manufacturing challenges and has become a model for collaborative research involving universities, academics and industry, worldwide.It has a footprint in Lancashire with AMRC North West, and also in Broughton, north Wales with AMRC Cymru. The AMRC is also a member of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult, a national consortium of leading manufacturing and process research centres, backed by the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK.

As a leading company in the hydrogen sector, OGC Energy demonstrates dedication to providing world-class materials and corrosion services, contributing to the growth of this exciting industry. The team of experts at OGC Energy boasts a profound understanding of hydrogen and metallurgy, differentiating the company and positioning it as the sole entity with a proven track record in hydrogen projects. Notable examples include the Dolphyn project, the pioneering wind-to-hydrogen initiative, and the Hydrogen Backbone Link (HBL) project, which is a study to determine the most advanced and appropriate valves and materials technologies for the safe and efficient transport of hydrogen. With their extensive knowledge and experience, OGC Energy serves as a trusted partner in guiding stakeholders through the complexities of the energy transition.

For more information, visit the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) website and OGC Energy Ltd’s hydrogen services




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