You Can’t Have CCUS Without US!

(We know it’s corny, but it’s true!)

We’re only a few weeks into 2022, and already OGC Energy has been at the forefront of corrosion advice and material selection for a number of CCUS projects across the globe.

The work we have completed in these first two weeks is helping projects in Canada, Australia, the UK, the Netherlands and the Middle East. The Combined capacity of these projects will help to capture up to 30 MTPA of CO₂ and other greenhouse gases, which is almost as much as the total fossil CO₂ emissions of a country like Denmark or New Zealand!

Our work is catalyzing the energy industry to achieve Net Zero.

Do you need to select materials for high-pressure CO₂ wells? Do you need to understand and evaluate the corrosion risks for you CCUS project?

Nobody has as much experience as we do. Contact us now and let’s work together!

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